The Ultimate Black Trivia Game

Welcome to The Black In The Day Game, a new black trivia game that tests your knowledge of black 90’s culture! With topics including 90s music, tv, movies,fashion and more; the Black In The Day Game is perfect for your next game night, family reunion or gathering!

Black in the Day is all about bringing back the nostalgia of the 90s! If you’re really a 90s baby like you say you are, lets take a trip back to the 90s together!

  1. Place deck in the middle of the play area. The first player will pick a card and ask the question to the player on the left.
  2. Once the question is asked, any other player can say “STEAL”. A “steal” indicates that if the original player cannot answer within 10 seconds or gets the answer wrong, the player who said “STEAL” can answer.
  3. If the player gets it right then that player will keep the card and 1 point is earned. If the player gets it wrong, that player will be knocked out of the round and the card will be returned to the deck. The first player to earn 10 cards wins!
  4. If playing with four or more players, it is recommended that the first player to collect 5 cards wins!

1 Timer Needed but not included

* For drinking play: A shot will be taken for every wrong answer. Must be 21+ and please drink responsibly. Have fun!!

Want Us to Pull Up on Your Next Event?

Do you have a gathering that could use some nostalgia? If so, let Black In The Day pull up on you. Let us host your next game night for guaranteed laughs, fun and entertainment. Check out the videos below to feel the vibe and then click the button below and we will contact you within 24 hours! 

**Black In the Day Live events are currently limited to North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and the DC area.

Black Trivia Game

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